My Lyme Disease Story

My Lyme disease story began in the first week of January 2011 when I was bitten by something in bed. A few days later, strange symptoms began to emerge. I felt something crawling on my arm but when I went to brush it away, there was nothing there. This was just the beginning of a symptom that would escalate over the next two and a half months to a point where I felt my skin was swarming with insects. 

I consulted with doctors to find answers but they came up blank every time and prescribed topical creams that I used and abused out of sheer desperation until I poisoned myself, breaking out in a very angry and itchy rash over my entire torso. Shortly thereafter I totally lost my ability to sleep. When I say ‘totally’ I mean I was unable to drift off even for a minute for three days and nights. This experience on top of the hugely distressing crawling sensations in my skin drove me to the brink of suicide.

But it was at this point I found another way forward: alternative medicine.

I started treatment under the guidance of a very special and gifted naturopath who taught me how to cleanse and balance my body. Seeing such positive results from his treatment I became more and more interested in the principles of healing and I continued to conduct my own research into gentle and safe healing remedies and nutritional therapies which I tested on myself with very encouraging results.

Over the next six months I healed without even knowing what disease I had. My health continued to remain stable up until my first diagnosis of Lyme disease, which was 16 months following the onset of my symptoms. At this point I was advised that antibiotics would be unlikely to eliminate the original infection and so I continued with my alternative treatments.

Eventually however, I came to a point where it seemed that while alternative medicine was doing a fantastic job of maintaining my health at an optimal level, I did not want to be burdened with the work of constantly keeping one step ahead of the disease. I wanted it gone!

I started to question the advice I was given, reasoning that if antibiotics were in fact effective curing Lyme disease in its early stages and were not so effective in curing chronic Lyme disease, this was more than likely because the body is so weakened in chronic Lyme disease sufferers. While technically I was a chronic Lyme disease sufferer, I was different to most chronic Lyme disease sufferers because my body was healthy. So I came to the conclusion that antibiotics should be almost as effective at curing the disease in my case, as they would be in curing Lyme disease in its early stages.

Therefore I embarked on antibiotic treatment – not a cocktail of high dose intravenous antibiotics - just a modest dose of 50mg of Doxycycline twice a day for 7 months. Following my treatment I retested with the lab that confirmed my second Lyme diagnosis just prior to taking antibiotics and the results were negative.

My interest in researching and trying various healing remedies inspired me to document the results and devise a protocol all of which have been captured in my ebook, Healing Lyme Disease. The protocols in my book collectively worked for me and my hope is that they will work for other chronic Lyme disease sufferers also.