HEALING LYME DISEASE is the result of my in-depth research and consultation that led me to CURE my chronic Lyme Disease

Contrary to popular belief, Lyme disease treatment does not require the sledge hammer approach of high dose cocktails of antibiotics taken over an indefinite period of time.

Healing Lyme Disease  offers an alternative strategy that reduces the need for antibiotics and significantly enhances their effectiveness.

At the core of this strategy is understanding and working with your body’s ability to heal itself by giving it the support it needs.

So that you can heal your chronic Lyme disease too!

cleansnourishattackA Strategy to Heal Your Lyme Disease

The Three Elements to SUCCESS:

Cleansing your body clears the path for it to do what it is designed to do - heal itself. Then you will be able to more deeply heal of all your bodily systems through nutrition.

Many symptoms associated with Lyme disease are brought about by nutritional deficiencies. Implementing clever nutritional strategies that bypass your damaged digestive system are essential to start building up your body and prime your immune system for an attack.

While cleansing and nourishing returns your body to a state of full health and immune function, the attack strategy in Healing Lyme Disease targets the disease-causing agents directly, to eradicate the infection entirely.



Potential Problems with Antibiotics

antibioticsAntibiotics are a necessary strategy in eradicating Lyme disease completely but in my opinion, most medical doctors have their antibiotic strategy the wrong way around.

Although extensive antibiotic use has been flouted as the panacea in Lyme disease treatment, for many chronic Lyme disease sufferers this strategy is often only partially effective. This prolongs the need for them to continue to take antibiotics.

Raising the question: What further harm is such extensive use of antibiotics inflicting on your body?


Using high doses of antibiotics over very long terms exposes Lyme disease sufferers to the following risks:

  • Overuse creates drug resistant mutations of the disease - making it MORE difficult to treat;
  • Antibiotics suppress the immune system making you vulnerable to infection;
  • Long term use can contribute to overgrowth of harmful organisms, such as candida and parasites;
  • Excess use of antibiotics may cause damage to the stomach lining;
  • Antibiotics may lead to unnecessarily severe Herxheimer reactions if the body has not been thoroughly cleansed prior to treatment.

The reality is, for antibiotics to be totally effective in treating chronic Lyme disease and to minimize their harmful effects, they should be used as a FINAL treatment once all symptoms of the disease are under control. Prior to this natural methods should be used to eliminate the bulk of disease-causing agents in your body.

Healing Lyme Disease is a digital ebook provided in pdf, epub and mobi format. 
It comes with a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee

What Lyme Disease Really Looks Like

Most people living with chronic Lyme disease have a pretty good idea of what Lyme disease feels like but they never see what is actually going on under their skin.

Throughout my own Lyme disease journey, I was given the opportunity to see for myself what Lyme disease looks like on the inside when I was shown a little known, but highly effective cleansing technique that purges the body of its burden of parasites and harmful organisms INSTANTLY.

Fortunately, I recorded everything. The images below show me trying out my first parasite-purging bath. The results speak for themselves. View more Lyme Parasites.


Imagine how much closer you could be to healing Lyme disease without all of these harmful organisms inside your body.

Take Control

Since it first came to public awareness in 1975, Lyme disease has grown to pandemic proportions affecting almost every country across the globe. Considering the number of people chronically affected with the disease, it remains largely misunderstood, leaving sufferers with little hope and support. But...

People do recover from chronic Lyme disease!

Healing Lyme Disease gives you all the tools you’ll need to take back control and heal yourself once and for all! Reading this eBook will give you a lot of light bulb moments but ultimately it’s up to you to implement the strategy.

The reason some people heal from chronic Lyme disease while most do not is because they think outside of mainstream ideas and beliefs, believe in themselves, believe it’s possible and never give up.

Click to Debunk the 5 Most Common Myths About Lyme Disease

1. It is not possible to cure chronic Lyme disease. It's just something you have to learn to live with.

Chronic Lyme disease can and has been cured by many people in a number of different ways. People create their own luck. Those who recover from chronic Lyme disease are open minded, curious, proactive, persistent, positive, responsible and focused on health rather than sickness. If they do not possess these attributes to begin with, they develop them in order to heal themselves. You can too!

2. Healing Lyme disease requires a huge financial investment.

Relying heavily on the medical system to heal Lyme disease can be a costly and lengthy process that does not guarantee complete success. Healing Lyme Disease helps you to take control and heal yourself with easy-to-follow steps that minimize the need for costly medical treatment!

3. Intravenous or high dose cocktails of antibiotics over extensive periods of time are the most effective way to cure chronic Lyme disease.

You won't need a cocktail of high dose antibiotics indefinitely if you weaken the disease first. Healing may be achieved in months instead of years by giving your body the right kind of support.

4. Only Lyme Literate Medical Doctors (LLMDs) can treat chronic Lyme disease.

Healing Lyme Disease empowers you to take on most of the responsibility for healing, yourself. Therefore ANY good medical doctor can administer an appropriate course of antibiotics at the appropriate time.

5. There is nothing you can do to prevent infection if you are bitten by a Lyme disease carrying tick.

Not true. Disease-causing agents from a tick bite remain in the skin for up to 3 days before entering the bloodstream. Healing Lyme Disease explains the correct first aid procedure that kills the disease-causing agents in the skin before they have a chance to enter your bloodstream.

Just a Few of the Secrets Contained Inside Healing Lyme Disease...

  1. How to purge masses of harmful organisms and their waste products from your body through your skin.

  2. The super cheap supplement that heals arthritis and inflammation of the joints...here's a hint: it's found in the laundry aisle of your supermarket.

  3. What causes massive weight loss and chronic fatigue and what can be done to reverse it.

  4. How to flood your body with oxygen for just a few coins.

  5. Why you can't sleep and how to recover your sleep.

  6. How to reduce Herxheimer reactions to almost nothing.

  7. How to boost antibiotic effectiveness by up to 1,000 times!

  8. The baby food that supercharges the immune system and seals up a leaky gut.

  9. The 'harmless' infection carried by 30% of the population that could be the missing link between Morgellons disease and Lyme disease.

  10. The natural sweetener that heals antibiotic resistant sores.

  11. The amazing diagnostic tool that lists every harmful organism in your body and measures the degree of infestation.

  12. How to maximize elimination of metabolic waste and increase the flow of nutrients to your cells WHILE YOU SLEEP!

  13. How to target and kill harmful organisms with pinpoint accuracy.

  14. How to maximize your absorption of nutrients from supplements as well as foods.

  15. How to save a fortune in medical bills!

Hi I'm Kylie Milosh

kylie-miloshHealing Lyme Disease is the result of my in-depth research and consultation that I undertook to heal myself of chronic Lyme disease.

I contracted Lyme disease in January 2011 and after just 3 months of spiralling bad health under medical care, I decided to take control of my own health and choose an alternative path. Despite not knowing I had Lyme disease, my health turned around rapidly and remained so until my diagnosis more than 12 months later.

Following my diagnosis I was able to successfully cure myself with effective but minimal use of antibiotics compared to what is typical for chronic Lyme disease sufferers.

I gained some very powerful insights during my recovery and I want to share my knowledge from this experience so that you too can heal chronic Lyme disease.

Wishing you all the best for your health,


If for any reason this e-book is not to your satisfaction, let me know within 30 days and your payment will be returned to you.


I am confident you will be happy with Healing Lyme Disease which is why I am offering a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.